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It all centers around you, your unique circumstances and what you want to accomplish. Our approach is both personalized and strategic to simplify processes for you.

Your Life Plan

Your Life Plan

We navigate a course of action together. A Prime Care Coordination Care Manager will work with you to create a Life Plan tailored to meet your unique needs and goals.

Your Life Plan is a comprehensive guide that is developed through a person-centered planning process directed by you and the people you choose, such as your family members, advocates and service providers. Your Life Plan will include access to a network of Prime Care providers who can support ALL of your needs. These include support, health, wellness, behavioral health and family services.

Your Care Manager

You always have a direct care connection. When you join Prime Care, you will be introduced to your personal Care Manager, who will work with you to develop your Life Plan.

Your Care Manager will also be the person you contact for any help or questions you may have about your supports and services. Your Care Manager will help coordinate services across systems, including the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), the Department of Health and the Office of Mental Health. This means that you will have one place to plan all your service needs. Your Care Manager will have in-person meetings with you and your family/advocate on a regular basis for regular peace of mind.

Our Care Managers are a seasoned group of professionals with decades of combined experience and a wealth of knowledge about the many resources and services available. They receive special training to learn all about different ways to help people in the developmental and/or intellectual-disability community. Some of our Care Managers also speak more than one language. They will be able to assist you, your family and your support network in a way that is most appropriate and comfortable for you.

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Here are a few helpful documents that you can read online or print to read later: