Individual and Family Advisory Board

Do you want to have a voice within your CCO?

Join the individual and family advisory board for Prime Care Coordination in your region!

Prime Care is looking for members for our individual and family advisory boards. Boards will be located across the 39 county area served by Prime Care, so there will be a board located in your region! Each board will be made up of approximately 10-15 people, divided between individuals served by Prime Care and family members of people served by Prime Care.

Board members will be asked to attend at least one board meeting every three months- but boards can meet more often if they choose to! If needed, an option to call in to a meeting can be provided. People who are interested in serving on a board will be asked to complete a brief application to be considered. If selected, board members will be asked to participate for a two year term. Those who are not selected to sit on a board will be welcome to apply again in the future, and there will still be ways for them to participate and give their feedback to Prime Care!

Board members will discuss Prime Care policies and procedures, review quality outcomes, and give their feedback on Prime Care operations. Board members will also be asked to make suggestions and recommendations on how Prime Care can better support them and their loved ones. This information will be shared directly with the Prime Care Board of Directors.

If you are interested in applying, please contact Megan Griffin-Adams or Andrea Foote, individual and family engagement coordinators. In order to serve, you must be enrolled with Prime Care Coordination, or the family member/caregiver of a person enrolled with Prime Care

Andrea Foote

(585) 397-0087

Individual and Family Advisory Board Applications